Located in the heart of the Upper Peninsula, Norway Mountain is a diamond in the rough. Whether you're in town for skiing, tubing, or you want to gather with friends and family, this is a perfect destination for the active family goers to adrenaline chasers. Norway Mountain is the biggest ski hill that's closest to Chicago + Green Bay!  We offer live music every Sat night 4-8. Come join our family owned resort for some family friendly fun the way skiing should be!

Current Hill Conditions

Elf:                     Open                                   Balder:            Open  

Valkyrie:            Open                                      Vali:                Open

Von:                   Open                                      Volund:          Open

Woods Run:    Open                                       Odin:             Open

Gnoll:                Open                                     Loki:              Open

Bragi:                Open                                      Skoll:              Open

Idun:                 Open                                     Thor:              Open

Leipter:             open                                        Freya:             Open

Frigga:              Open                                      Tubing:          Open select hours this fri  5:30-8:30 Sat                                                                                                   10-2, Sun 10-2.

Terrain Park: OPEN                                         

We will be running the Odin lift, Thor lift, triple lift and paddle tow this weekend. Tubing also open. Over 2 feet of base so lots of snow for the warm weather to come. Fresh snow due this Friday too!


We are inspired by the outdoors. It speaks to who we are and what we want you to experience.  

Norway Mountain is a resort that offers a ski hill, restaurant, bar, disc golf course, mud drag course & all the sight seeing you can handle. The average annual snowfall is 100 inches of excellent Great Lakes snow. There are 160 skiable acres at Norway Mountain. With over 500 feet of vertical drop. 

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