Summertime living

When it comes time to plan for your Spring & Summer, we offer some of the most exciting and fun ways to break free for a day. Below are a range of experiences you and the family can enjoy up here Norway Mountain. Whether you bike up and catch a sunset, or want to see the exciting world of mud bogg racing, we've got you covered. 


Mud Bogg Races

Who doesn't love a good mud drag race! Join us at for lots of mud racing truck action over the course of the Summer into Fall. An event that's sure to bring some family fun for all. We'll be sharing events over time. Don't miss out on a day at the hill! 


Sunrise + Sunset Scenics

One of the memorable times up here at Norway Hill is when time slows down. Whether you enjoy seeing the sunrise, sunset, or you want to experience the stars at night, we believe there's no greater location. 


Disc Golf Course

The course is set all over the mountain. Designed to give every skill level a challenge, a view, and one epic course to enjoy in a day. Feel free to swing up, we'll provide the food and beverages before or after the round.