terrain-based four station learning

Our hill provides not only a dynamic place to learn, but one of the most unique terrain styles found in the Midwest. Below are the four ways we educate + teach you with. We want you to feel confident heading down the hill. Once you learn, the hill is your oyster!

Norway Mountain Terrain Based Teaching Map

Norway Mountain Terrain Based Teaching Map


Station 1 - Flat Land

We start with you beginning on flat land. Getting familiar with your equipment on a flat surface, understanding how the shape of a ski or snowboard can work. 


Station 2 - Let's head down the hill

Our next station gets you familiar with going down a hill and utilizing your speed control. Here we focus on ways to control your movements on a slope.  

  • Helps to control speed
  • Builds confidence 
  • Most important, have fun while doing it

Station 3 - Learning to turn

Now that you're in control of your speed, we utilize a series of bank turns to help initiate a proper turn. The hills will enhance the idea of a real turn on a bigger run. 

  • Easiest way to turn
  • Safe process with the bank turns
  • Again, we want this to be fun while you learn

Station 4 - More turns to learn

Now that you're in control of a simple turn, in this final step of the learning process we help you improve doing tighter turns while maintaining speed control. 

  • Control speed
  • Improves experience
  • Builds confidence on the hill
  • Have fun with learning, we can't stress this enough